College of Monarchs

The College of Monarchs is comprised of all past monarchs who successfully completed their respective reigns. The College of Monarchs and E&E Council (active College members of the ICAO) guide and mentor the Reigning Monarchs as well as, the members of the ICAO on issues of history, tradition, and pomp and circumstance. 

Historically, Reign I – III monarchs were crowned as Czar and Czarina of the Royal Barony of All Oklahoma. During Reign IV, all monarchs were elevated to the perpetual titles of Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Court of All Oklahoma.

Those monarchs that have passed on before us are indicated with (RIP). May they ever watch over us.

Reign I

Emperor Scrappy Saint Johns

Empress Kris Kohl

Reign II

Absolute Emperor Adrian the Second

Reign III

Emperor James Murray (RIP)

Empress Miranda Ray

Reign IV

Emperor Johnathan Tackett

Empress Dominique LaRue (RIP)

Reign V

Emperor Scrappy Saint Johns

Empress Kris Kohl

Reign VI

Absolute Empress Carolyn “Cougar Anne” Wiley

Reign VII

Emperor Rusty Clyma (RIP)

Empress Miranda

Reign VIII

Monarch Rescinded Title Voluntarily


Reign IX

Monarchs Resigned

Reign X

Emperor Title Suspended until 11/15/25

Empress Roxxie Ray Starr

Reign XI

Absolute Emperor Ray St. DeVasquez Stone

Reign XII

Emperor Jeff Germany

Empress Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Reign XIII

Absolute Empress Rayna Over

Reign XIV

Emperor Eric’Shun Tarclure

Empress Morganna Pheeling Tarclure