Board of Directors

Executive Board Members

Each Executive Board position is elected at the start of the Reign for a 2 year term.

See PNP’s for duties of each position.

President & Secretary and Member at Large are elected – Even Years. 

Vice President and Treasurer are elected – Odd Years.


Joey Scudder-Barfield

aka Empress 12, Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Vice President

Jeff Tarwater

aka Empress 14, Morganna Pheeling-Tarclure


Scotty Dormont


Ian Williams

Non-Executive Board Members

Each Non-Executive Board position is installed at the start of the Reign for a 1 year term.

Non-Executive positions include Dean(s) of the College, Member(s)-at-Large, Reigning Monarchs.

ICPs & Reign Secretary are non-voting members of the Board.

See PNP’s for duties of each position.

Dean of the College of Monarchs

Paul McClure

aka Emperor 14, Eric’Shun Tarclure


Ray Stephens

aka RazerWulf

Reigning Monarch

Jim Scudder-Barfield

aka Emperor 15, Daddy Jim

Reigning Monarch

Ray Wilkins

aka Empress 15, Lottie Dah

Imperial Crown Prince

Joshua Radford

aka Triton Scudder-Paige

Imperial Crown Princess

Dayna VanHauen

aka Kitty Scudder-Quinn

Reign Secretary

Kilby Duncan

aka Ruby Jo Dawn Tarclure